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Sneak peek into 2012

December 28th, 2011


I was sixteen and visiting the British Museum during a school trip to London. I sat down with one of my best friends to contemplate the Greek Temple from Xanthos. I pondered: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your bed right there…you would wake up every morning surrounded by so much beauty.” She didn’t laugh or look at me in a funny way. She agreed with full enthusiasm. She just immediately understood what I was talking about. That’s why we were then and still are today really close friends…and this event was probably a sign we would both end up studying architecture.

I call this my first aesthetic experience. The temple exuded harmony. I could look at it and keep on looking and not get tired of what I saw. All I wanted was to be there and stay there. The moment to last forever. That’s to which extend my surroundings can affect me, to be completely absorbed and mesmerized by them. On a rare occasion I have experience the same intensity yet those moments have been few and far between (but i must admit there are still so many places to visit and to be discovered). Luckily some places do catch my attention. An eye for detail, a collection of objects, carefully curated materials and texture make you stop and really look at what you are seeing. Those aesthetic shelters are a bit an escape, from the daily monotony, from the wall I’ve been meaning  to repaint but never get around to, from the curtains i wanted to replace since the first day we moved into our apartment but after 4 years are still hanging strong.  All places i love to visit and hang out at, whether those are shops or friends apartments. Expected many of those shelter on this blog in 2012. All the best wishes for the next year!

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