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Great Outdoors: Miniscapes

May 8th, 2012


While everybody in Antwerp was going Slinkachu crazy over the weekend I discovered a way to take similar wonderful mini universes home. Because let’s face it summer is not at all here to stay (even the weatherman admitted on national tv that the weather was utterly depressing) so I started looking for ways to take the greenery inside. These so called Miniscapes are the creation of Clea Gregan located in Melbourne, Australia. As she puts it on her website, these terrariums are a sustainable alternative for flower arrangements. I thought making terrariums was a long gone pastime from an other area but seriously, how cool are they? If only I had the patience to make my own…for now I have sent her an email asking if she ships to Europe.

pictures  1, 2, 3
pictures 4, 5

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