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I search for beauty. Whether it is in it’s purest form, in imperfection or even in ugliness. I am drawn to the aesthetic of things. Constantly on the look out, consciously and unconsciously, for the intensity I felt during my first aesthetic experience. Whether this is in architecture, interiors, fashion or design.

An eye for detail, a collection of objects, carefully curated materials and texture make me stop and take a closer look at what I see. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and trying to hold on to those fleeting moments my camera comes in handy.

I wander through cities to contemplate its architecture, I will stop at a construction site to catch a glimpse of the building’s evolution, visit flea markets at the crack of dawn and I love to take a peak into people’s homes to see how they really live.

I consider myself as someone who finds rather than who collects. I stumble open things which are worth taking a closer look at, whether this is in the analog world or the digital one.

This blog is a visual diary of that what inspires me, with special attention to my so called ‘aesthetic shelters’, the place which are truly a feast for the eyes and an escape of the daily monotony. You are more than welcome to follow me along connecting the dots in my mind.


All pictures are taken by myself unless clearly stated otherwise.
Please do not use any pictures without my consent.