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Gert Voorjans: Interior Life

August 9th, 2013


gert voorjans 01'Whenever I feel dull or uninspired I’ll most likely end up in a bookshop. That’s how I stumbled last week on Interior Life covering the work of interior designer Gert Voorjans. When the book came out last year I had made a mental note to purchase a copy yet over the past months had strangely forgotten all about it. Until that gloomy Wednesday when I walked into Copyright.

gert voorjans 03First there is the object in itself: oversized and heavy yet carefully binded, combining different weights of paper with several colourful bookmark ribbons.

gert voorjans 04Then there is the content: a moodboard highlighting different topics and projects mixed with inspirational and remarkable quotes from Diana Vreeland to Leonardo Da Vinci or even Kermit the frog (“It’s not easy being green”- I bet it isn’t!).

gert voorjans 07 gert voorjans 05 gert voorjans 06 This is exactly what I appreciate the most about his impressive body of work (think several Dries van Noten stores, the shoeshop Coccodrillo or a private appartement for Mick Jagger): the mix and matching, the high and the low, the exquisite and the imperfect or as he states himself: “I like strange objects, excessive proportions, monstrosities too. You shouldn’t take interior design too seriously.” Trained as an architect this sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Between you and I the discipline and some of it’s players take themself often far too seriously.

gert voorjans 08gert voorjans 09Even if you don’t share the same taste or aesthetic just flick through the book and allow yourself to be inspired by the basic principle of not playing save and to be exuberant. Next time when you are considering purchasing another mid century modern piece or are painting all your interior walls white why not consider the path less travelled for a change.

gert voorjans 10Pour la petite histoire I have to add he is the best dressed man I have ever met. As his architecture practise is close to where I work (and Antwerp is a teeny tiny town) I happen to cross him once in a while: always in an impeccable tailored suit with an exquisite taste in shoes. A true modern day dandy, bold with a touch of eccentricity just as his work.

pictures 1 to 8 by elisabeth for
portrait by Marcel Lennartz found here

Trend | Fiber Art

December 17th, 2012


DSC077241Ever since I spotted those beautiful wall hangings in Morgan Satterfield’s house, I’ve secretly been hoping to score my own masterpiece. Morgan is the author of the Brick House, a great blog when it comes to renovating, DIY’s and mid century modern aesthetic. She just has the knack for thrift shopping and finding affordable precious gems in flea markets and auction houses.

DSC07749Seriously , how gorgeous is this pieces? And there are plenty more around her house.

brick house 01SONY DSCSONY DSCIt’s interesting how she considers her love for fiber art controversial. I understand that you either love it or hate it but I think these pieces are spot on with the current trend of decorating your house with handcrafted one of a kind pieces. Here are some other examples I found around the web to illustrate this trend and the new wave of weaving.

Screen shot 2012-10-21 at 7.30.04 PMMF_home21_2000Some people are even getting crafty themselves. Heather Taylor of L.A. in Bloom shares, besides pictures of her sunny bohemian LA lifestyle, small snippets of her hobby and I am also really fond of the work of New Friends Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski.

Picture 228132753291_2df463f9ce_c8032766383_491f99642cI think this is a great way of adding colour and texture to any interior. For more inspiration do check my Pinterest board Fiber + Textiles.

Pictures 1,2,3,4,5,6 are by Morgan Satterfield of the Brick House | Picture 7 is by Cara Robbins of the Seattle shop Totokaelo | Picture 8 and 9 are by Modern Findings | Picture 10 and 11 are by New Friends | Picture 10 and 11 are  by Heather Taylor of LA in bloom |

Maison Rika

December 10th, 2012


Let’s say that, just like me, you aren’t that fond of the holiday season. What would your tactic be to escape the drama? A nice getaway, some place warm and sunny? My first guess exactly! Unfortunately ever since I saw pictures of Maison Rika the land of tulips and clogs is high on my priority list. This guesthouse in Amsterdam is owned by fashion designer Uirika Lundgren and houses her shop on the ground floor. I’m in love with the dramatic black wooden floors, the carefully decorated rooms and the Ulrika’s trademark star popping up in the interior.

I could so see myself cozying up with a warm cup of tea and a stack of magazines in one of these rooms. Seems like the perfect urban hide away to forget about the time of the year and sub zero temperatures. And in case you wandered her own house is also as gorgeous.

Maison Rika
Oude Spiegelstraat 2
1016BM Amsterdam

all pictures were found on last one was found here.

It’s all in the details

August 20th, 2012


I’m a huge fan of the 5 days|5 looks|1 girl feature on The pictures are perfectly executed, styled, lit and I appreciate the detail shots in particular. Do you see how the combination of colours and textures could easily translate into interior details? Wall paint, sofa’s, cushions, duvets etc… My all time favorites are these of Chioma Nnadi (pictured above) and I completely fell in love with the style of Simone Tetteh, a true style chameleon.

How many can effortlessly go from sneakers and jeans to a bright yellow evening dress (by the way it’s H&M!)? For a great insight into how Chioma Nnadi started her career it’s here and to see the full feature on Simone Tetteh and how she rocks dungarees it’s here.

pictures by Marko MacPherson for