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Let’s swoon at Athena Calderone’s

July 31st, 2013


hbz_athena calderone 05Time for some more tangible inspiration and what better way than to take a tour at Athena Calderone’s exquisite Brooklyn home. I first discovered Athena’s world and work early 2012 when her Amagansett home was featured on Tales of Endearment. This talented interior designer splits her time between her house in upstate New York and her stunning Brooklyn home.

hbz_athena calderone 01refinery 29 athena calderone 03rawlinscalderone 04My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw her open plan kitchen in shades of dark grey with notes of brass and marble.

refinery 29 athena calderone 02SousStyle_AthenaCalderone_LiannaTarantin-24-750x500[1]rawlinscalderone 01What I like most, besides her capacity to mix and match different styles and textures, is that she dared to stay away from all white walls and instead opted for a rich colourpalette turning the high ceiling spaces into a warm cocoon.

refinery 29 athena calderone 07refinery 29 athena calderone 07_bisWhen I discovered through her lifestyle blog Eye Swoon she loves cooking as much as she loves interior design I was completely sold…

SousStyle_AthenaCalderone_LiannaTarantin-2-750x500Buratta-Mint-Pea-Mainand does it come as a surprise, after seeing her gorgeous home,  that she has great personal style and an exquisite taste in shoes? Yes I so swoon too.

hbz_athena calderone 02Pictures 1, 2 & 12 via Harpers Bazar
Pictures 3 & 5 via Refinery 29
Picture 4, 7, 8, & 9 via Rawlins Calderone
Picture 6 & 10 via Sous Style
Picture 11 via Eye Swoon

Poème Numérique

July 29th, 2013


atomium 05_resizeDid I make a trip to outer space? Found the stairway to haven? Landed on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Sorry to disappoint but I’m far from being the adventures type. I prefer to keep both my feet firmly on the ground. All I did last Friday was buying a ticket to Brussels to visit the Atomium, a national relic from the 1958 World Fair. I admit there was some adventure involved in the sense of me finding the strength and courage to face public transport and crowds of tourists eating fries and ice cream to lock myself up in this futuristic steel construction during the current heat wave our country is blessed by. All this to view the temporary exhibition DIGITAL POEM by artists Joanie Lemercier, LAb [ a u ] and Visual System an ode to Le Poème Electronique by Le Corbusier and Xenakis.

atomium 03_resizeatomium 02_resizeatomium 04_resizeI must say it was all worth it. The experience is rather brief but breathtaking. For that small half hour you are wondering around in the fifth sphere of the construction you will experience a surreal world. All elements seem to be perfectly in sync from the architecture to the art, music and visuals. Beautiful with a touch unease and creepiness. You will even witness the arising of a new sort of moon.

atomium 07_resizeatomium 08_resizeatomium 09_resizeNow I must admit I had never been inside the Atomium before. I never even had seen it from up close. So when the subway train came out of the tunnel I admit I gasped like a kid. So I cannot not post a picture from the construction on the outside.

atomium 06_resizeLooking at the Atomium is like looking at pictures of sixties models wearing Courrège or Cardin. I love to see how an extreme and bold view people used to have of the future while we know so often keep on drawing inspiration from the past.

Brussels you are odd and strange often beautiful, sometimes ugly but I love you.

You can watch a part of the installation here, but please be your own judge and take that trip to Brussels…and  maybe have some fries on your way home.

all pictures by elisabeth for