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Ampersand House | Brazilian edition

September 27th, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of our very short Indian summer, I was invited by Ike and Kahtryn of Ampersand House for a private viewing of their current exhibition: Brazilian Modern, Icons and Innovation. As I experienced during my first visit the selection of furniture, art and objects was exquisite and refined adding a new dimension and perspective to this maison de maitre. My favorite space this time was the dining area. Think beautiful handwoven rugs, dark exotic wood and  striking lighting fixtures.

The lovely enthusiastic galerist Laurence of Gallery Transversal, who represents the exhibited artists, talked me through most of the pieces. This is how I got to know the work of Mariannita Luzzati.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The other spaces were off course as thoughtfully curated.

And this time a gorgeous selection of jewelry made by Brazilian artists Vera Cortes and Bettina Terepins was also on display. I fell head over heels for Laurence’s ring.

Needles to say I’m starting to cultivate a deep crush for Brazil. Make sure to check the outtakes on the Facebook page.

Brazilian Modern: Icons and Innovation (till Saturday 29th September)
Ampersand House
30, rue Tasson Snel
1060 Brussels

all pictures by elisabeth for

Ampersand House || Epilogue

July 6th, 2012


I think by now you should get the atmosphere and scale of the project. But, what do you see beyond this great 1950s chair?

Indeed, a beautiful city garden. As you can see the weather gods were not on my side the day of my visit. It actually started raining realy badly when I entered the garden but I was still able to take some pictures. Icing on the cake is that the garden and gallery are at your disposal if you wish to organize an event. Not only is Ampersand House a gallery of art and design, Ike and Kathryn provide an event service so they can accommodate you and your guests in this great setting. Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

Thank you, Ike and Kathryn, for your hospitality and showing me around. I hope to visit the house again really soon.

all pictures by elisabeth for

Ampersand House || Art and Furniture

July 4th, 2012


Beautiful isn’t it? This piece is called The Dandies. It’s by benandsebastian two artists who together explore the relationship between a person’s surroundings and the human mind and body using the language of architecture. By far this is my favorite exhibited piece. It just strikes a chord.

Ike Udechuku, who runs Ampersand House with his wife Kathryn Smith, was so kind to talk me through the exhibited pieces and answer my many questions. The current exhibition focuses on Danish art, design, ceramics and glass. benandsebastian are a British/French duo, still their work is shown here since they have studied in Denmark. That’s what I like about this project; there is a strong vision and high level of consistency but at the same time there is room for flexibility and breaking the rules. Some of the vintage furniture, for instance, might have slight signs of wear still they aren’t restored to their original perfect state. As a chair is made to sit on and a table made to dine at those slight imperfections are evidence of the pieces history, proving that beyond beautifully designed objects they are functional.

The exhibition also includes protoypes like the lamps by Louise Campell  investigating the possibilities and showing the creative process. The visiter is asked to look beyond the minor imperfections at the potential of the design. Same with the chair Ash by Thomas Bentzen pictured below.

There are plenty of other beautifull chairs  on display. I have a slight penchant for the classics from the 1950s and 60s.

Tomorrow in my last post on this project I’ll show a side of the house which might not have got so far the attention it deserves.

all pictures by elisabeth for

Ampersand House || Primaries

July 3rd, 2012


While viewing the current exhibition From Denmark with Love what struck me where the splashes of bright colours, mainly primaries, throughout the house.

As you can see this unique place has many stories to tell. Tomorrow I’ll show you some of my favorite exhibited furniture and  art.

all pictures by elisabeth for