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April 18th, 2012


Sunday morning, on my way to get croissants at my favorite bakery, I was awake enough to notice the open door and welcome sign at number 45. Decomani is the brainchild of Sebastian Maniez who offers decorating services and provides solutions for set design. His house/shop is filled to the attic (no kidding!) with antiques, nicknacks and oddities. Last weekend he organized for the ninth time his open house event (the next one will take place in 3 to 2 months). After a quick breakfast I went back, armed with my camera. To my delight I found out that actually everything displayed was for sale. I felt like a kid in a candy store. One of the treasures pictured went home with me. Expect pictures of my latest acquisition in its new setting very soon.

Lange Van Ruusbroeckstraat 45
2018 Antwerpen

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter

Niki & Joe

April 16th, 2012


I promised you something good, didn’t I? Wonder what I found behind this knackered and tagged door?

I was hoping to stay at Niki & Joe’s beautifully decorated apartment, unfortunately it was fully booked during my trip. How could I still take some of the experience home with me? An email, a phone call and a Vermouth later there I was ready to shoot this little gem. Entering this apartment is a real feast for the eyes, you will not know what to look at first. This British creative duo loves to collect and is not afraid to show it. If you are crazy about vintage, antiques and flea market finds I strongly recommend to stay at their place while visiting Barcelona. Every object on display has a story to tell, making the apartment so unique and fascinating. Most of their furniture and oddities are sourced in England, some are sourced locally in Spain. Their home is as a work in progress, constantly evolving. When I visited they had just finished the plant installation in the bathroom and, a couple of weeks before, they made these really cute lampshade with old maps to complete their boat shaped lamps. They truly have mastered the art making a place your own. Here is the link to their airbnb listing.

And it get’s better! Niki has teamed up with and her friend Lisa to created Antiques and Boutiques, a private city tour and personal shopping service. According to your interests they will share their personal addresses of stylish and charming places in Barcelona. In no time you will know where to eat and shop or where to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

A special thank you to Lisa for lending me her bike on my last day in this lovely city. I did not make it to Badelona but I hope to come back very soon!

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter

Saving the best for last

April 11th, 2012


A deadline and a promise to a close friend keeps me from finalizing the post I had planned for today. Sometimes life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. More coming tomorrow…

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter 

On collections

April 9th, 2012


One might almost forget that there is a world out there, beyond Barcelona. I was lucky enough to visit Johan de Ceuleneer’s shop right before it closed end of March and was temporary relocated to a pop up store. I had passed the closed gate several times (his shop was open by appointment only) so when i saw a bright red signage suggesting a sale and a wide open gate I just had to have a peek. Pass the sunny courtyard into the warehouse, what struck me the most – next to the stunning chinese cabinets which were seriously reduced in price – were the carefully curated collections dispersed over the space. Whether those were vases, sculptures, or seemingly random objects gathered together. Creating clusters or playing with repetition can be an effortless way to create focal points in a space. Those collections tell a story about you and your relationship to that space. That’s probably what makes them so intriguing.

For your last chance on some beautiful furniture, antiques and accessories:

Johan de Ceuleneer Interiors
Van Bree Straat 4
2018 Antwerp
(every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 till 6)

pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter