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April 9th, 2013


 MAGAZYN 09_bOne of the qualities I admire most in people is consistency. This is especially the case when talking about design, fashion or any other creative discipline. When I heard MAGAZYN, the brainchild of Thomas Haarman, which I featured as a shelter before, had moved to a new location I couldn’t wait to have a look. Thomas embodies consistency from his selection of objects to, may I say, the way he dresses. I was extremely eager to see what he would do if he had more square meters at his disposal to showcase his exquisite curation.

MAGAZYN 10_greyMAGAZYN 20_greyMAGAZYN 03_greyThis new location is the perfect fit to display Thomas’ unique finds and the opportunity to now also present furniture to his loyal customer base. From chairs made in a small Danish atelier to a robust German table made in Berlin. While I was wondering around I confessed I could live in his shop. His genuine smile gave away I wasn’t the first visitor to mention this.

MAGAZYN 19I would trust Thomas blindfolded to furnish my house. His world is one of texture and restraint without becoming cold or minimal. Think an elegant and harmonious mix of warm grey tones and natural materials like wood and stone with a dash of concrete.

MAGAZYN 13What’s not to like? The more I look at this picture the more head over heels I am with this shelving system.

MAGAZYN 11MAGAZYN 05MAGAZYN 14MAGAZYN 07MAGAZYN 21So whether you are looking for new bedlinnens or some timless tableware, furniture that will stand the test of time or a gift for a loved one…


Steenhouwersvest 34A
2000 Antwerp

all pictures by elisabeth for


June 25th, 2012


I’ve been eager to talk about this shelter but a busy schedule made it fairly impossible until today. Magazyn. A tiny tine shop, located in Antwerp’s last remaining gallery, showcases a beautifully curated collection of daily objects. If you are looking for timeless and elegantly handcrafted quality pieces this place should be on top of your list. This is the shop where I found my Cire Trudon candle.

The shop is the brainchild of Thomas Haarman who explained me he has always been attracted to different materials and textures. Those two elements are paramount whenever he makes his selection for the shop together with shape and level of handcraft. All different utensils from cutlery to glassware, from towels to blankets, together with the furniture, constitute a cohesive whole. Here you can experience a great attention to detail and consistency, that’s why this shop is an aesthetic shelter to me. Whichever object you’ll go home with, whether it’s a gift or a treat for yourself you can rest assured your purchase will not only age beautifully it will be cherished for many years.


Huidevetterstraat 38-40
Nieuwe gaanderij 23
2000 Antwerpen

all pictures by elisabeth for


Koek & Zopie

June 13th, 2012


Sunday, early afternoon, wondering through the streets of Zurenborg I was hoping to find a spot in the sun to have coffee…in vain. Until, on my way from the Dageraadplaats to the Draakplaats, I stumbled upon Koek & Zopie. Some bright turquoise stools were scattered on the pavement, the front door was wide open, I noticed people having breakfast. The whole setting whispered: “Step right in, we serve great coffee”…and so it does. From the moment I crossed the door I knew I would come back. Not only do they serve great coffee (accompanied with the most delicious slice of home made bread pudding I ever had) what really drew me in was the aesthetic of the place. It opened less than 2 weeks ago and it’s rather different from most of the places in that area yet somehow it also fits in perfectly. The interior has a rather masculine feel to it, a lot of wood, steel and leather chairs. There are some antique touches (check out the dog shaped table base!) without falling into the cliche vintage frill atmosphere. Love at first sight.

When I came back for pictures the first thing I noticed was the savoury aroma of the chilly Anita (owner and chef) was making. The current menu has different sandwiches, soups and cakes but she also serves a daily dish. Yesterday a nice bolognaise, today a rich chilly. From our brief conversation it was obvious she really enjoys cooking for people, just as she would at home. Due to a lack of time I did not get a chance to taste the chilly but I’m pretty sure I will soon.

Excitement about the pictures I took I forgot to ask Anita opening hours, the exact address (her business cards weren’t printed yet) or who helped her make the made to measure furniture. I’ll let you know as soon as she answers my email. I just had to share this little gem at the corner of the Korte en Lange Altaarstraat in 2018 Antwerp.

Down the rabbit hole

June 9th, 2012


Yesterday we talked cocktails, today I am taking you to a garden party. Just follow the sign below…

The Somerset Garden Party invitation promised a four day fairy tail event filled with fashion, magic and creativity. So I went up north, driven by a healthy dose of curiosity. My jaw dropped when I approached the welcoming house and entered a long sun-drenched hallway opening up to a gorgeous garden. I do not believe in fairy tales nor magic but for a split second I thought I was somewhere in the South of France.

I was greeted by the lovely team of Step by Step who organized the event and the host Bernadette’s cute little dog. A month ago they came up with the idea to sell pieces from previous collections together with carefully sourced vintage items and eclectic finds, ranging from homeware to jewelry. All this in order to celebrate the beginning of summer. I was invited to take my time, look around and help myself in the kitchen where delicious antipasti were severed. Heaven.

But to me the real treat was to catch a glimps of the host beautifully decorated home. Classic and timeless…

…and the garden which I could easily have spent a day photographing.

The garden party is still taking place this weekend, June 9th and 10th form 11 AM till 8 PM. I heard they are preparing a kick ass brunch on Sunday…

I took so many pictures today I created an Aesthetic Shelter Facebook page where, from now on, you can view outtakes and will get previews from coming posts. Like it if you do…

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter