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Poème Numérique

July 29th, 2013


atomium 05_resizeDid I make a trip to outer space? Found the stairway to haven? Landed on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Sorry to disappoint but I’m far from being the adventures type. I prefer to keep both my feet firmly on the ground. All I did last Friday was buying a ticket to Brussels to visit the Atomium, a national relic from the 1958 World Fair. I admit there was some adventure involved in the sense of me finding the strength and courage to face public transport and crowds of tourists eating fries and ice cream to lock myself up in this futuristic steel construction during the current heat wave our country is blessed by. All this to view the temporary exhibition DIGITAL POEM by artists Joanie Lemercier, LAb [ a u ] and Visual System an ode to Le Poème Electronique by Le Corbusier and Xenakis.

atomium 03_resizeatomium 02_resizeatomium 04_resizeI must say it was all worth it. The experience is rather brief but breathtaking. For that small half hour you are wondering around in the fifth sphere of the construction you will experience a surreal world. All elements seem to be perfectly in sync from the architecture to the art, music and visuals. Beautiful with a touch unease and creepiness. You will even witness the arising of a new sort of moon.

atomium 07_resizeatomium 08_resizeatomium 09_resizeNow I must admit I had never been inside the Atomium before. I never even had seen it from up close. So when the subway train came out of the tunnel I admit I gasped like a kid. So I cannot not post a picture from the construction on the outside.

atomium 06_resizeLooking at the Atomium is like looking at pictures of sixties models wearing Courrège or Cardin. I love to see how an extreme and bold view people used to have of the future while we know so often keep on drawing inspiration from the past.

Brussels you are odd and strange often beautiful, sometimes ugly but I love you.

You can watch a part of the installation here, but please be your own judge and take that trip to Brussels…and  maybe have some fries on your way home.

all pictures by elisabeth for

Ampersand House | Brazilian edition

September 27th, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of our very short Indian summer, I was invited by Ike and Kahtryn of Ampersand House for a private viewing of their current exhibition: Brazilian Modern, Icons and Innovation. As I experienced during my first visit the selection of furniture, art and objects was exquisite and refined adding a new dimension and perspective to this maison de maitre. My favorite space this time was the dining area. Think beautiful handwoven rugs, dark exotic wood and  striking lighting fixtures.

The lovely enthusiastic galerist Laurence of Gallery Transversal, who represents the exhibited artists, talked me through most of the pieces. This is how I got to know the work of Mariannita Luzzati.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The other spaces were off course as thoughtfully curated.

And this time a gorgeous selection of jewelry made by Brazilian artists Vera Cortes and Bettina Terepins was also on display. I fell head over heels for Laurence’s ring.

Needles to say I’m starting to cultivate a deep crush for Brazil. Make sure to check the outtakes on the Facebook page.

Brazilian Modern: Icons and Innovation (till Saturday 29th September)
Ampersand House
30, rue Tasson Snel
1060 Brussels

all pictures by elisabeth for

Ryan Pickart

July 30th, 2012


They are named Odette, Ingrid, Diana, or June. They come across as fragile young women yet at the same time confidently look you straight in the eyes. Aware of their beauty but not blinded by it, somewhat mysterious and melancholic. These are the women who come to life in the paintings of American artist Ryan Pickart. I noticed his work during some late night wandering on Pinterest. This is why I love internet because you can discover genuinely talented people regardless of where they or you are located.

The influence of Gustav Klimt is obvious. To say I’m a fan of Klimt is an understatement. I stopped counting the publications I have about his work. I love how he painted women in all their glory in the different stages of their life and how he used colours and created fascinating patterns. The care he took to paint their attire keeps on surprising me.

Mada Primavesi, 1912, oil on canvas, 149.9 x 110.5cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA

Eugenia Primavesi, 1913/14, oil on canvas, 140 cmx 84 cm, USA, private collection

Like Klimt, Pickart pays great attention to detail the background and the garments his models are wearing. The first three paintings immediately reminded me of this Balenciaga collection and, more specifically, of this jacket which Charlotte Gainsbourg (pictured below) wore on the cover of French Vogue shot by Graig Mcdean for the December 2007 issue. I don’t know if this was his actual source of inspiration but my guess is I’m not far off.

You can purchase Ryan Pickarts work on U-gallery where he sells original paintings and some prints (if you are on a tighter budget). I strongly recommend you to follow him on Facebook where he frequently shares updates of work in  progress.

I’m eager to see this painting finished, looking at the inspiration I’m convinced it will, like his other work, be breathtakingly beautiful.

Gaston Liberto

April 4th, 2012


Thanks to Tanya I met Gaston Liberto, an Argentinian artist who shares his atelier/shop with several artists in the Born district of Barcelona. On display are his ‘Divinos Mutantes’, mutated cartoonish creatures who live in a magical world. The shop also sells the work of  jewellery designer Sandra Velzi who he has provided illustrations to incorporate in several of her designs. Together with his wife he has launched a t-shirt collection made 100% in Barcelona and while I was there his cute son Julio was very busy making colourfull drawings. Seems like the legacy is assured. For a nice stop motion animation which has been made with his work click here.

Gaston Liberto
Semolers 4
08003 Barcelona

pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter