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Marrakech…I can’t get enough

May 24th, 2012


Seems I was on to something. The latest issue of online magazine Lonny  gives an interesting insight into Marrakech featuring homes, museums and tips on where to stay and what to visit.

I was already slightly obsessed with handira’s, or traditional Berber wedding blankets and those bedroom pictures certainly don’t help to cure this obsession. Owner Maryam Montague, human rights and democracy specialist, co-owns with her husband Peacock Pavilions, and has just released a book Marrakech by Design. And if you can’t get enough, as myself, her house has also been featured in Elle Decoration, for more pictures click here.


January 16th, 2012


Three beautiful eclectic bedrooms. Wherever I have lived my bedroom has always been my favorite space. I just love to sleep and my bed often doubles as office, atelier and dining area (the worse habit ever I know). My current bedroom has great potential: a high ceiling, wooden floor and I am fortunate enough to have an adjacent terrace big enough to comfortable hang out and dine. Still until today the room misses a soul; it feels like a nicknack of Ikea furniture combined in an uninspired way (I spare you the pictures). So I am looking for some  inspiration for my next big project on my to do list. Pictures found here, here and here