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Ode to

December 5th, 2011


moro 03'moro 02'One should never take oneself too seriously but there is one thing i am extremely serious about: food. I used to eat cereals all day every day. A bowl, a spoon and milk…I didn’t need much more. Once in a while I would dare to make pasta, but that was about it. That and a lot of eating out. Until the day i met a man with serious cooking skills. That man turned out to become my boyfriend; making me lovely homecooked meals day in day out…and after about a year…I started cooking…out of sheer pure quilt. Ah, guilt…thank God for guilt!

So my first post on food is an ode to the book that learned me how to cook: The Moro Cookbook by Sam and Sam Clark. I will never thank my friend Franzi enough to have bought it as birthday gift. Not only are the recipes one by one lovely explosions of flavor but the book itself is as much as a little gem. The photographs, layout, font and paper are all in sync. Flicking through it is a feast for the eyes. My picture doesn’t do it justice. I strongly advice you to get your own copy: great meals guarenteed!

 pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter