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While making other plans…

April 23rd, 2013


emanuelle 03I had a plan, I even made a list but for some reason last Saturday I didn’t come home with a new bike (as planned) but with this: a rattan peacock chair. I’ve been dreaming about owning such a chair for a long time, but I gave up my dream a while ago after months of intensive searching to no avail. Finding one in good/pristine shape isn’t easy. Then, on a sunny Saturday morning, when I was checking out rusty old bikes at the weekly fleamarket and negotiating on prices what did I  see from the corner of my eye…love at first sight! Yet love is never perfect so yes, 3 twigs snapped at the bottom of the chair but you must admit this one is a stunner.

emanuelle 01I got so exited I even started a Pinterest Board dedicated to this exotic piece of furniture and the stars that have taken place in it. Now just imagine me lounging like Elizabeth Taylor in my sunny living room (with a covered midriff that is).

elizabeth taylorIf you are looking for one of your own and have serious money to spent you could check out this website or you could just be patient and who knows one day you might just get lucky. Since life is what happens while making other plans.

Picture 1 & 2 by elisabeth for
Picture 3 found here