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Pink grapefruit and ginger lemonade

August 19th, 2013


lemonade 01The perfect summer drink. Ultra easy to make and so refreshing. Serve nice and cold on it’s own or feel free to mix in ginger ale for extra bubbles or prosecco for a festive occasion.

lemonade 03What you’ll need for 1 liter:

juice of 3 grapefruit
5 to 6 dl of  boiled water (depending of the amount of juice obtained)
1 tbsp of ginger thinly sliced
1 tbsp of honey
fresh mint and raspberry for garnish (additional)

lemonade 02After having squeezed the grapefruit poor the juice into a glass bottle using a strainer. Add the boiling water, ginger and honey. Have the patience to let it cool entirely in the fridge and you’re done. Enjoy!

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To poach or not to poach

August 5th, 2013


egg 02I’m a lazy cook in the summertime. Dishes should be easy to make, not require hours spent in the kitchen yet still be tasty. So let me rephrase; not only am I lazy summertime cook but a demanding one too. I found solace in poached eggs toping most of my salads and toast with it. That glorious moment when you cut into the egg white and the yoke comes out. Devine!

egg 04If you are intimidated by the process I took cue from here. My biggest advice would be to stay calm, make sure your entire meal is prepped so the poaching is the last part of the process, give that water a spin and you should be fine.

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Make a wish

April 5th, 2013


strawberry 01My mother taught me as a kid to make a wish when I ate my first strawberry of the season. They were still slightly expensive but I just couldn’t resist. Am I the only one with this odd family tradition or does it ring a bell?

By the way pictured above is the greatest feature of our new home: the granito kitchen floors. Love at first sight!

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Chocolate Chip Mini Waffels

December 24th, 2012



wafeltjes 01When it comes to entertaining my best advice is know where to find the good stuff, and with good stuff I mean the real deal. Let’s face the facts Bree Van De Kamp is a fictional character, only few of us have the time or skills to whip up a three course dinner from scratch. So when in a rush, lazy or overwhelmed by festive frenzy make sure you know where to find those delicious time saving solutions. When it comes to dessert I have my favourite addresses but this time I was up for something different.

wafeltjes 02I never leave a grocery trip to the Saturday food market without the Wafeltjes van ons Bomma. If there is a cue in front of the van it’s because this is where the good stuff can be found. Just select whatever waffles you fancy and your order will be made right there on the spot. I always order the double chocolate ones with chunks of chocolate inside. Ever since the friendly vendor suggested to warm them for a couple of seconds in the microwave this is my favourite afternoon snack. Just add some vanilla ice-cream and you are in dessert heaven. Since some of you might be looking for a more festive holiday solution this time I added some crushed pistachio’s and served with Baileys.

wafeltjes 03Mouth-wathering yet?

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