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Pimm’s Canada Dry

August 16th, 2012


Summer is finally here and it seems as though it is here to stay. Cocktails are in order! First time I had Pimm’s it was on the beach in Ibiza served in a glass pitcher in the mix with ginger ale, freshly chopped fruit and mint. There wasn’t much else you could wish for while enjoying the sun, the beach and the company of friends. This time I mixed Pimm’s with Canada Dry, cucumber, radish and slices of orange…but feel free mix yours with lemonade or to add strawberries and slices of apple.

The perfect start of any barbecue. Hope you are enjoying plenty of them these days.

all pictures by elisabeth for
first picture courtesy of my lovely friend Anne-Sophie

Remembering last summer

July 10th, 2012


Have you seen summer? You know, summer…the season when we wake up with the sun on our face and we go to bed with the windows wide open after a lovely alfresco meal shared with family and friends. The season when we often complain how it is just too hot and from the moment we have a chance rush off to the seaside.

How I long for summer. For now I invite you to dream away in front of these pictures taken last year. The sun, the hills, the beaches, the sunset at Es Vedra and the best homade croissant I ever had in my life. As you can see it was not eaten in France but in Ibiza, more particular at la Paloma, a lovely restaurant in the middle of the island. A place where all you had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the glorious organic food under the lemon and orange trees.

Just follow this gracious blond lady she will take you there.

all pictures by elisabeth for