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Sill life III

August 12th, 2013


STILL LIFE 01Seems like things around the house are finally coming together. As you can see I’m still gold obsessed. That tall blank wall is still missing some art but I hoping to fix that soon. For the long weekend ahead I planned some massive DIY’s in order to solve some storage issues. Wish me luck because between you and I’m not the biggest DIY queen.

In the mean time: Have a great week!

picture by elisabeth for

Let’s swoon at Athena Calderone’s

July 31st, 2013


hbz_athena calderone 05Time for some more tangible inspiration and what better way than to take a tour at Athena Calderone’s exquisite Brooklyn home. I first discovered Athena’s world and work early 2012 when her Amagansett home was featured on Tales of Endearment. This talented interior designer splits her time between her house in upstate New York and her stunning Brooklyn home.

hbz_athena calderone 01refinery 29 athena calderone 03rawlinscalderone 04My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw her open plan kitchen in shades of dark grey with notes of brass and marble.

refinery 29 athena calderone 02SousStyle_AthenaCalderone_LiannaTarantin-24-750x500[1]rawlinscalderone 01What I like most, besides her capacity to mix and match different styles and textures, is that she dared to stay away from all white walls and instead opted for a rich colourpalette turning the high ceiling spaces into a warm cocoon.

refinery 29 athena calderone 07refinery 29 athena calderone 07_bisWhen I discovered through her lifestyle blog Eye Swoon she loves cooking as much as she loves interior design I was completely sold…

SousStyle_AthenaCalderone_LiannaTarantin-2-750x500Buratta-Mint-Pea-Mainand does it come as a surprise, after seeing her gorgeous home,  that she has great personal style and an exquisite taste in shoes? Yes I so swoon too.

hbz_athena calderone 02Pictures 1, 2 & 12 via Harpers Bazar
Pictures 3 & 5 via Refinery 29
Picture 4, 7, 8, & 9 via Rawlins Calderone
Picture 6 & 10 via Sous Style
Picture 11 via Eye Swoon

Maison Rika

December 10th, 2012


Let’s say that, just like me, you aren’t that fond of the holiday season. What would your tactic be to escape the drama? A nice getaway, some place warm and sunny? My first guess exactly! Unfortunately ever since I saw pictures of Maison Rika the land of tulips and clogs is high on my priority list. This guesthouse in Amsterdam is owned by fashion designer Uirika Lundgren and houses her shop on the ground floor. I’m in love with the dramatic black wooden floors, the carefully decorated rooms and the Ulrika’s trademark star popping up in the interior.

I could so see myself cozying up with a warm cup of tea and a stack of magazines in one of these rooms. Seems like the perfect urban hide away to forget about the time of the year and sub zero temperatures. And in case you wandered her own house is also as gorgeous.

Maison Rika
Oude Spiegelstraat 2
1016BM Amsterdam

all pictures were found on last one was found here.

Ampersand House | Brazilian edition

September 27th, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of our very short Indian summer, I was invited by Ike and Kahtryn of Ampersand House for a private viewing of their current exhibition: Brazilian Modern, Icons and Innovation. As I experienced during my first visit the selection of furniture, art and objects was exquisite and refined adding a new dimension and perspective to this maison de maitre. My favorite space this time was the dining area. Think beautiful handwoven rugs, dark exotic wood and  striking lighting fixtures.

The lovely enthusiastic galerist Laurence of Gallery Transversal, who represents the exhibited artists, talked me through most of the pieces. This is how I got to know the work of Mariannita Luzzati.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The other spaces were off course as thoughtfully curated.

And this time a gorgeous selection of jewelry made by Brazilian artists Vera Cortes and Bettina Terepins was also on display. I fell head over heels for Laurence’s ring.

Needles to say I’m starting to cultivate a deep crush for Brazil. Make sure to check the outtakes on the Facebook page.

Brazilian Modern: Icons and Innovation (till Saturday 29th September)
Ampersand House
30, rue Tasson Snel
1060 Brussels

all pictures by elisabeth for