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Let there be light

January 9th, 2012


I think this is by far the most dramatic light fixture I have ever seen. The first time i walked into this space I was in awe. I would never consider, let alone dare, to position an oversized chandelier in the middle of a living room. That’s just how my friend Rodrigo, owner of this lovely apartment, is: never afraid of a bold statement or a challenge. I truly admire him for that. He just fel in love with the piece and decided to make it work. Even the shop assistant, at first, tried to discourage him of his purchase, mentioning several times that this type of fixture was designed for hotel lobbies or grant hallways. Still Rodrigo went for it and I am happy he did. This is a great example on how to think outside the box in order to create something unexpected and  beautiful. This is my shelter of choice whenever i am in need for a cut with some hot gossip and bubbles (Rodrigo is the only person i trust with scissors near my hair) or an delicious home made chili con carne.

As you have noticed Rodrigo’s apartment was in full Christmas spirit when I took these shots. Still these pictures are more relevant now than ever since he gave me this interesting tip regarding decorating your place on a budget. Basically he starts shopping for holiday decorations a year ahead during the January sales. It  makes the holiday spirit last a little bit longer he says and, as a die hard Christmas fan, he already get’s to daydream about his next tree. Sweet.

pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter