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Why I do what I do

June 26th, 2012


I was asked yesterday to explain my story and why I started this blog. I thought about what I wrote in my about section. It’ all true but…words can only say so much. So i pondered some more and then a picture came to mind. This is the one. Back then I was still using this ultra crappy camera you got as a gift with your cellphone. I wasn’t interested in high resolution (yet) I just wanted to snap away as I was doing already for many years. Without questioning, very intuitively. I love this picture. It brings me back to that exact spot, to that precise moment.  To the most beautifully curated exhibition I ever saw.

I knew something special was about to happen. I just needed to wait. The dress, the setting, the light, the complementary colours, her reflection and stare…

Instead of rotting away on my hard drive today I can share it here and hopefully some of you will know to appreciate it. That’s why i do what i do.

picture taken on July 22nd 2011 at le Musée Bourdelle in Paris by elisabeth (because i felt like it)