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Great Outdoor: Colour Palette

May 9th, 2012


The editorials which have struck me the most lately are those with a rather muted colour palette. At first, I wanted to go full on for colour and paint the terrace walls in a bright hue, reminiscent of Louis Barragan’s houses, but I figured that working with a warm and neutral colour scheme will make it easier to add colour with accessories.

While researching the photographers of those editorials I stumbled upon two detail shots by Heidi Lerkenfeld which I really liked and a couple of months ago I bookmarked the second picture by Pia Ulin. My mind just did the rest and connected the dots (I love when this happens!). So I am going to apply this two tone concept to the outer walls. I was thinking warm green or rich khaki keeping the top part of the walls
white…What do you think?

All editorials are from Elle Decoration UK
The New Nordic | May 2011
The Italian Job | June 2012
Mid Century Marvel | November 2011
LA Confidential | June 2012

Great Outdoors: Miniscapes

May 8th, 2012


While everybody in Antwerp was going Slinkachu crazy over the weekend I discovered a way to take similar wonderful mini universes home. Because let’s face it summer is not at all here to stay (even the weatherman admitted on national tv that the weather was utterly depressing) so I started looking for ways to take the greenery inside. These so called Miniscapes are the creation of Clea Gregan located in Melbourne, Australia. As she puts it on her website, these terrariums are a sustainable alternative for flower arrangements. I thought making terrariums was a long gone pastime from an other area but seriously, how cool are they? If only I had the patience to make my own…for now I have sent her an email asking if she ships to Europe.

pictures  1, 2, 3
pictures 4, 5

Great outdoors: Setting a mood

May 3rd, 2012


I can’t really qualify it as the great outdoors but my terrace is big enough to comfortably lounge and dine so I am a rather lucky city girl. Since it seems that spring is – finally – here to stay i reached out to my favorite publications looking for inspiration on how to organize it in a fresh way. I noticed that in all the pictures I have collected the outdoors spaces are considered as such, as a space,  and organized accordingly, carpets included.  You might argue that they are there for styling purpose only, but you have to admit, it looks good and it’s a great way to add a bohemian touch which I really like. So I am on the look out for one of those and yesterday I started sourcing plants which will survive a north orientation (can’t have it all) and my not so green thumb…to be continued.

Picture 1,2,3 Elle Decoration (UK)
Picture 4 Cote Sud