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Still life I & II

October 22nd, 2012


Sometimes, when I got some free time on my hands, I’ll start playing around with my camera creating still lifes. I just had to make use of this perfect light in my living room yesterday afternoon.

What’s your favorite pastime?

all pictures by elisabeth for

Flea market finds

June 11th, 2012


I love when things finally come together and fall into place. Remember when I visited Decomani? The hand painted add went home with me. Bastiaans parents had found it in Portugal and gave it to him. It is so beautifully made. You can still see pencil marks and distinct brushstrokes.

It now stands proudly on my mantlepiece next to my newly trifted wooden doll and antique flower pot. The vignette is completed with Gaston’s artwork, a Sansevieria which has survived many months of pure neglectance and a dytique candle. Patience is a great virtue.

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter 

On collections: Vignette

May 10th, 2012


Today just a quick post. You can from now on follow me on Pinterest. In case of absence that’s the place to feed your hungry aesthetic soul (i know i’m not ultra consistent yet on posting days and hours, my sincere apology). As you can see I started collecting all my favorite vignettes from around the web. Have a kick ass day!

Saving the best for last

April 11th, 2012


A deadline and a promise to a close friend keeps me from finalizing the post I had planned for today. Sometimes life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. More coming tomorrow…

all pictures by elisabeth for aestheticshelter