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While making other plans…

April 23rd, 2013


emanuelle 03I had a plan, I even made a list but for some reason last Saturday I didn’t come home with a new bike (as planned) but with this: a rattan peacock chair. I’ve been dreaming about owning such a chair for a long time, but I gave up my dream a while ago after months of intensive searching to no avail. Finding one in good/pristine shape isn’t easy. Then, on a sunny Saturday morning, when I was checking out rusty old bikes at the weekly fleamarket and negotiating on prices what did I  see from the corner of my eye…love at first sight! Yet love is never perfect so yes, 3 twigs snapped at the bottom of the chair but you must admit this one is a stunner.

emanuelle 01I got so exited I even started a Pinterest Board dedicated to this exotic piece of furniture and the stars that have taken place in it. Now just imagine me lounging like Elizabeth Taylor in my sunny living room (with a covered midriff that is).

elizabeth taylorIf you are looking for one of your own and have serious money to spent you could check out this website or you could just be patient and who knows one day you might just get lucky. Since life is what happens while making other plans.

Picture 1 & 2 by elisabeth for
Picture 3 found here

Bonnie & Jane

August 8th, 2012


I saw yesterday on the shops Facebook page how the new collection is bit by bit arriving in store. It reminded me I urgently needed to share the pictures of this little gem called Bonnie & Jane located in Brussels Ixelles neighborhood. I discovered the store end of June strolling through the streets of our lovely capital. Back then the sales hadn’t started yet but Anne, who runs the shop together with her friend Laurie, was so kind to let me know that if there was anything I liked a discount could be arranged. I still regret I didn’t pick up that beautiful kaftan pictured below. Why oh why was I too lazy to fit anything that day. It ‘s everything i am currently craving for…something airy and breezy with dip dye and pompoms…

Everything in the shop is for sale, from the clothes to the furniture. This isn’t a new concept in retail but what makes this place so special is it genuinely  feels as if you were hanging out at a friends place. A friend with great taste in clothes, a quirky taste in vintage furniture and with the cutest courtyard. All this thanks to the laid back and down to earth attitude of both shop owners. Seriously, like I had known them forever, they asked me where I found the bag I was carrying and they both loved, meanwhile inspecting it with enthousiasm. When later I inquired about the Emmanuelle chair, which unfortunately was sold already, Laurie was so kind to give me some tips on where to source a good one.

I just fell in love with their tiny courtyard and their mirror installation on the back wall. It inspired my latest DIY project which I hope to share with you really soon.

Told you, like being at an ultra cool friends place… which will soon, on September first, celebrate it’s first birthday. So Happy Birthday to Bonnie & Jane and thank you to Laurie and Anne for the coffee and chat.

Bonnie & Jane
Rue Darwin 34
1050 Bruxelles

all pictures by elisabeth for

West Germany

July 19th, 2012


I’m sure you have seen similar vases before in different sizes, colours and with all sorts of different glazes from dripglaze to volcanic. I’m not an expert when it comes to West German pottery. I’m still learning as I go. The first insight I got was by the lovely shop owner of Feelings in Antwerp, a shop stuffed with ceramics, lamps and small furniture from the 50s, 6os and 70s. After the very first piece seduced me with its bright colours and intriguing surface at a flea market, I walked into this shop for advice, not sure of what I actually just bought. She taught me to take a look at the bottom of the vase. There, if lucky, (some vases are blank or have markings which are barely readable) you’ll find two numbers (the first defining the shape, the second -usually- the hight in cm) and the confirmation that indeed it is produced in West Germany.

Some surfing on the net (with this website as main source of information) taught me that there are different brands like Scheurich and Bay Keramik and honestly, for now, that’s all I need to know. I’m not a collector. If I stumble upon reasonably priced piece I’ll consider to buy it but if the colour and texture doesn’t appeal it won’t go home with me. Some pieces, though, are really worth taking a closer look at.

How I would love to develop fabrics or wallpaper inspired by those glazes. Anyone a idea where and how to start?

all pictures by elisabeth for

Flea market finds

June 22nd, 2012


You need to know that thrifting can be frustrating. This weekend a beautiful mid century wooden table was snatched right in front of me. I was just a couple of seconds to late down that aisle. You should have seen my face! I figured the fleamarket gods wanted to let me know I did not need another coffee table so I took it as a good sport and went on with my quest. This time I went home with a brass elephant which I learned it’s trunk should face the window in order to bring good luck…

and a tini tiny painting which I love for it’s abstraction. Just a couple of brushstrokes to set a mood and capture the silhouette.

What I am the most excited about is this interesting relic of days gone by, capturing a time before internet, HGTV and Martha Stewart. These two publishings could qualify as the encyclopedia for the perfect housewife in the fifties. One is called from timble to ironing board the other would translate as smooth housekeeping. Yes, I admit, I was attracted by the gold details in the cover an the beautifully designed embossed logo, but what I really like is to see some of the most coveted vintage furniture in it’s original setting. But, I must add it also contains some odd words of advice…

Seriously if a ring ever get’s stuck I would not advice you to try this at home.

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